Retail Sun Awards

As one of the most prestigous awards of the sector, Retail Sun Awards honor and promote outsanding work in the retail industry. The awards have become an important benchmark of excellence across retailing. 

Every year, Retail Sun Awards are granted to those who contribute to the advancement of retail and make a difference in the sector with their heart, soul and hard work.

The awards will be granted on the 04th and 05th of December at Retail Days.

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Winners of Retail Sun Awards 18

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Turgut Toplusoy - Roman

Lifetime Achievement Award

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ATÜ’s “Significant Contribution 

to Retail” Award 

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Yusuf Akkuş - Köfteci Yusuf

Young Leaders Award 

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Yurdaer Kahraman 

Fiba Commercial Properties 

Most Successful Professional Executive Award 

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Zeynep Selgur - Sportive 

Most Successful Professional Executive Award 

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Best Use of Social Media Award 

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Yves Rocher Turkey

Best HR Programme Award 

Award Categories Short List

Lifetime Achievement Award


ATÜ’s “Significant Contribution to Retail” Award


BKM Express  


Gizia Gate  





Young Leaders Award 


Alp Öğücü, Lila Kağıt, General Manager


Özhun Olgar, Olgar Şirketler Grubu, CEO 


Yusuf Akkaş, Köfteci Yusuf, Founder  


Zeynep Doğan, Ramsey, Board Member

Most Successful Professional Executive Award 


Arif Yenal Gökyıldırım, Media Markt, CEO 


Tuba Yapıncak, Tchibo, General Manager  


Yurdaer Kahraman, Fiba Commercial Properties, CEO 


Zeynep Selgur, Sportive, General Manager 

Best Use of Social Media Award 


Burger King 




Forum İstanbul 




Best HR Programme Award 








Yves Rocher 


Nomination & Evaluation Process 

  • Who May Participate?
  • Participation & Nomination Procedure
  •     Evaluation Process    
Who May Participate?

Who may participate? 

Retail Sun Awards may be granted to those operating in the retail industry or providing services to retailers. People, organizations or projects may participate in the Retail Sun Awards.

Participation & Nomination Procedure

Participation & Nomination Procedure

The nomination forms, which are designed peculiarly for each award category, must be completed for the participation process. The nominator/ participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.


The nomination forms for the categories of “Best Use of Social Media Award” and “Best HR Programme Award” must be submitted to Soysal directly.


For other award categories, the forms must be submitted to either Soysal or the retail associations.


The nomination forms can be downloaded from the “Nomination Form” page in our website by clicking the links for each award category. 


Please submit all the nomination forms to Soysal through e-mail. (You may contact Olgu Kundakçı at: okundakci@soysal.com.tr) 



While filling in the nomination forms, please do not exceed the word limits stated.


In case you submit the forms with exceeding word limits, you will be asked to refill the forms.


Only for the categories of “Best Use of Social Media Award” and “Best HR Programme Award”, you may submit additional information with nomination forms. 


The submitted additional information must be maximum 3 A4 paper size pages. 


Each person, organization or project can be nominated to just one award category. Please submit the nomination forms to Soysal and retail organisations until 17th of August, 2018. 

    Evaluation Process    

Evaluation Process

Determination of Short List

After all nomination forms are submitted to the grand jury, the jury conducts the first meeting for the evaluation of nominees. The jury determines short lists consisted of four nominees for each category. The short lists are anounced to the sector. The nominees in the short lists may submit additional information prior to the final meeting of the jury. No shortlist is determined for the category of “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Determinaton of Awardees

Grand jury conducts a final meeting for the determination of awardees. The awardees are determined among the nominees in the short lists of each category. The awardee of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” is determined among all nominees.

Announcement of Awardees

Awardees are announced and the awards are presented to the winners at Retail Days on November 28 and 29, 2018.


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